5 secrets to communicating with your kids in a way that they will listen without yelling, nagging, or arguing!
In this powerful ebook, I’ll share:

The surprising element that is missing in most parents’ communication with children that you MUST have to get them to WANT to talk to you

* The real reason for negative behavior (hint: it’s not what most parents think) that is essential for effective parenting.

* The key to hearing what kids are REALLY saying so that you’re communicating better, and can be heard and understood.

* The most overlooked formula for getting kids to be more engaged in their responsibilities

* And much more!
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 Ms. Ikedah, I’m excited to say that I’m noticing big improvements in Gabriel’s mood and outlook in the face of challenges. He is more easily maintaining a positive outlook. Thank you! 
Hi I'm Ikedah and I am the founder of KIMA Youth & Family Coaching where I get the opportunity to help parents transform from feeling frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed to being calm, confident and equipped parents. 

I have 2 kids of my own so I am familiar with the ‘chaos’ that can come with being a parent. I also grew up in an environment that was less than harmonious and over the years, I’ve adopted ways that can help with that.

This ebook will empower parents to create a better connection with their kids while calming the chaos of power struggles, miscommunication, and overwhelm.
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